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Tell Us How You Really Feel

Art As A Tool To 

Communicate Complex Emotions

Drexel University, Rincliffe Gallery

"Exhibition from December 1, 2022 through June 1, 2023. Tell Us How You Really Feel! is an exhibition of student, faculty and alumni artwork examining the aforementioned concepts. Contributing artists are asked to consider the following prompt: "Create a visual representation of a time in your life when you felt emotion that was too hard to put into words."


The artist's responses will be presented in the Drexel Founding Collection's Rincliffe Gallery in an effort to show the practical application of empathy through art. During the exhibition artists' work will be sold, if they so choose, with half the proceeds donated to The Jed Foundation and The Trevor Project to support ongoing mental health resources for young peoples." 

-Drexel University Founding Collection, Exhibitions 


Telfair Museum's Jepson Center, Savannah Georgia

The hyphenated title, Re-Cor-Dare, highlights the definition of the word “record” through its  Latin roots―explicitly “Cor” (heart) and “Dare” (to give). Through five distinct but  interconnecting series, Mitchell traces the legacies of slavery in the United States from the  Middle Passage to present-day social injustices faced by Black Americans. Ultimately, her work  exists as a catalyst for discussion, reflection, and a celebration of the human spirit. 

-Jepson Museum

Re-Cor-Dare is a solo #art912 exhibition of Savannah-based artist Sauda Mitchell (American, b.  1981). Mitchell’s prints, paintings, and artist books serve as compelling visual responses to her  sustained engagement with archival collection materials. In researching personal papers,  photographs, artifacts, and curated digital collections, her work explores themes related to the  Black experience.


Utilizing QR codes (shorthand for “quick response”), selected works link to  digitized collection materials. These resources recall narratives embedded within the African  American collective memory.  


Re-Core-Dare: Sauda Mitchell was curated by Erin Dunn, Jepson Museum Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art.

SCAD works, Sauda Mitchell: The Star is Significant 

Loveland Museum

Loveland Arts and Culture

Loveland Colorado

Loveland Museum presents, Jacob Lawrence: Three Series of Prints and Sauda Mitchell in the main gallery at the Loveland Museum through December 31,  2021. This exhibition features 31 graphic works by Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) done between 1983-1007. Included are his Hiroshima Series, the Genesis Series, 10 prints from Toussaint L'Ouveture Series, and 5 other of Lawrence's most significant prints.

Along with Lawrence’s prints, two art pieces by Sauda Mitchell sit in the Main Gallery. 

"I came across her because she talks about her specific connection to Jacob Lawrence and how she looks to him for her inspiration,” Corey said.

Mitchell hails from Savannah, GA and creates prints, painting and artistic books that illustrate her passion for researching archival collection materials.

Mitchell’s art centers around her studies and research of the Black experience and the artist includes QR codes on her artworks so viewers can further explore the materials the artist pulls her inspirations from.

Her work “exists as a catalyst for discussion, reflection, and a celebration of the human spirit,” the Loveland Museum wrote in its brochure about the exhibit.

She is a great contemporary component to Jacob Lawrence”.

-Maureen Corey, Curator of Art, Loveland Museum

Greely Tribune. Nov. 11. 2021

Savannah College of Art and Design


Finding Aid was made possible through the generous support of SCAD Alumni Atelier ambassadorship artists residency program. Finding Aid includes 10 original relief prints embedded with QR scan codes and a take away booklet designed to link users to an an online curated website with digitized archival materials from the W.W Law Collection, The Georgia Historical Society, Savannah State Asa H. Gordon Special Collections Library, and private collections in Savannah , GA.


Finding Aid 1/50 edition prints are held in the permanent collection of the Savannah College of Art and Design.  

Images courtesy of the Savanna College of Art and Design.

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